Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Open House- Over $2000 In Prizes!

This is the one recipe I have to make during the holidays in memory of my grandmother, and a great super easy recipe for the kids to make!

Butterscotch Haystacks
1 c butterscotch chips
1/2 c peanuts
2 c chow mein noodles
The peanut butter chips can be melted over a double broiler, but it is easy for kids to do in a microwave! Just heat in a glass bowl and stir every 30 seconds until the chips are smooth. Quickly stir in the noodles and peanuts and drop by the spoonful onto waxed paper. Chill!
You can always play with the recipe. Last year I did a batch with cashews instead of peanuts-YUMMY!

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  1. I LOVE those! that's the same recipe I use! yum!

  2. OOPS, btw, I use spanish peanuts but roll them in a clean dishtowel first to get the skins off haha

  3. really? chow mein noodles? sounds so simple and easy, like maybe i can actually pull that off! thanks!

  4. What a cool recipe! I am going to have to try that one!!! Nice!

    Stopping by to thank you for participating in the Holiday Open House and to wish you much luck!!!

    Just Married with Coupons

  5. Thanks everybody! I love this recipe!